Hi I am Abdullah Al-Faqeir

A Full-Stack Developer.


Devloops LLC


An in-app ordering delivery application that relays on an addressing system called navCode which works to get you a location with 4 alpha-numaric code.


An innovative place where you can turn all your ideas into a real working project using the latest technologies.


Leading the development team in a project to solve and aggregate old support tickets which were above 100 tickets along side productizing some of the issues.


A CTO -Chief Technology Officer - and Co-Founder at Waqqad, building the next big learning platform for the all Arabic speakers around the globe, giving them the ease of learning whatever they wish to learn in a very simple yet powerful way.

Accusolutions Ltd

Came back to Accusolutions as a Full-Stack software technologist developing all kind of web-apps with PHP and NodeJS, (native and cross-platform) mobile apps using Xcode, Android Studio and Titanium(Appcelerator).

Prodigi Corp

Senior Web-Developer, mainly on Websites and Facebook apps, and built a custom vending machine based on Foursquare as a project for Hamleys, and built a live streaming wall for twitter with a real time statistics and real time polling system based on twitter tweets and hashtags.

Accusolutions Ltd

A back-end web developer for 2 years, building many apps, from scratch and on frameworks and CMS, built many apps like PlotPush, urls.li, Flowerstoontraio.com, Haddaf.com, a verification system and many others.


Building small web-apps, doing minor and major customization on scripts for customers, maintaining forums build using VB(vBulletin) script and others.